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Postby fadmin » Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:35 pm

As with most other forums we expect everybody to use good manners and no foul language.

If a spammer manages to get through DO NOT REPLY to them. Simply flag and report them to us. We DON'T ACCEPT ADVERTISING or selling things on this forum. This is a limited public forum.

OSDial is available at no cost. What that means is that you would be wasting your time demanding that some change is done for you. Your options are to either pay Call Center Service Group to make the changes, ask nicely, or make them yourself.

The purpose with this forum is to offer a method for people who are not on commercial support to get help with OSDial, posts about other things will be deleted. If someone is just being a nuisance their posting status can become revoked, as can their posts. We do not consider free speech to include being insulting or seeking to create trouble for others. Having a difference of opinion is OK, jumping on every post that does not agree with you is not. Take it off line and settle it elsewhere.

For everyone else, we like you to have a productive time! :D


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