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IVR Ratings

Postby DhwaniTechnologies » Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:23 am

It would be nice to have IVR rating system. For example, after every call the system should generate an automated call which could say "You just spoke with Agent Name, please use your keypad to rate the call from 1 to 9". The response would then reflect in the agent's stats and reports.

I am not sure how useful this could be, a poll on the forum could be a useful way of knowing.
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Re: IVR Ratings

Postby sentm » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:19 pm

This is an interesting idea.

I have heard several large scale companies do this...mostly insurance and finance (customer service, not sales) . The rep asks if the remote party is interested in completing a survey about their performance and then passes the call off.

This could be employed now by passing the call to an InGroup which is assigned to a campaing with an IVR... The IVR then dispositioning the lead with a status equivilent to the rating.

1-> VRATE1
2-> VRATE2
3-> VRATE3
9-> VRATE9

The draw-back is that the entire lead system then becomes a service rating system... Though, I suppose the "update_status" function in agi-OSDivr.agi can be modified to not update the lead (osdial_list) entry on a VRATE* status, and just update the log tables.

That might be an appropriate "band-aid".

But I am for a more eligent approach, ie an option on the disposition screen to rate the customer on the call, should a corresponding option within that campaign also be set.
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Re: IVR Ratings

Postby DhwaniTechnologies » Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:35 pm

Maybe this approach will help...
The customer is sent to an IVR or InGroup after the call and based on the rating s/he provides, we could update a DB table, say osdial_feedback. There could be a report which could give a simple report of the agent's performance. I think this approach is simple and straight forward.
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