Step by Step how to...and VOIP provider

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Step by Step how to...and VOIP provider

Postby ncurses » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:18 am

hi guys,

is there a VOIP provider which gives unlimited voip to clients in the US? i am planning to have a mini call center with 20 seats. And also is there a complete how to for this? I cannot seem to understand what is "campaign", "leads", etc on the screenshot provided.

Sorry a newbie here....

Configure OSDial,
1) add a carrier for traditional, and/or voice over internet "lines" to dial out/receive calls on.
2) use either one of the preconfigured phones, or configure your own
3) configure softphones for agents (Xlite is a popular and free softphone)
4) use either one of the preconfigured agent logins, or configure your own
5) use either the included test campaign, or create you own.
6) add leads.
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Re: Step by Step how to...and VOIP provider

Postby fadmin » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:54 am

In a word no. There are some that in theory provide it, but as soon as they loose money on you they will cut you off. Never mind them seeing that you dial as if you had a dialer. Unlimited has been re defined to mean until we loose money on you.

To run a dialer (computer that makes calls from lists and when someone answers, connects them to an agent) you will need to have numbers to dial, they are called leads. Leads are kept in lists. This also gives you flexibility to call different people based upon how you group them.

You have some reason to call these people. Maybe you want to sell a gadget, remind clients to renew, upsell them etc. To reach them you start a campaign. The campaign will have live bodies (agents) who will talk to them. It will have one or more lists to dial from. The agent might be following a script, which is either a straight up and down sheet of what to say. Or a conditional script which, depending on the answers, will follow that particular path. In other words, if they say no then it will go down one path, and if they say yes, another.

To get mass on how it works you really ought to install it on a computer and try it out. Beware, the forum is not a commercial support center, and is "manned" by random people who feel like being helpful. If you decide to do this on your own, you are expected to be able to wade through the various barriers and know what is going on and like the challenge. If that is too steep of a gradient then you may want to buy support and training.

One last note. A number of people try to build a call/contact center on a dime. They very often fail as this is a challenging environment with many pitfalls, and here it is very true that you get what you pay for. That is not to say that you can't do it, but it will require various resources at some time and if you don't have it you're easily sunk. Because you can usually get the software at no cost other than having to comply with it's license, some people who cannot afford to "do it right" will try their luck with Open Source software. Add to that something as demanding as a dialer where there are many technical points of failure. This often comes out to mean not having enough budget, or expertise, to ensure it works out.

I'm adding this note to give you a heads up that for each corners that is cut there are potentially a chain effect waiting to bare down on you. Take your time, ensure you are familiar with all the ways it can go wrong and have a solution for it. If done right you can create a great call/contact center which could help a lot of people.

And one more thing. Research, don't just cry help because you don't know. Get up there and try to find the answer online as it may very well already be answered some place. People on forums usually don't like "do me" people who just want to be served answers on a platter.
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Re: Step by Step how to...and VOIP provider

Postby voipessential » Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:13 pm

@ncurses, VoIP Essential ( offers competitive per minute rates for dialer traffic. If you sign up, we will help you configure our service with your Osdial instance at no charge. If interested, contact
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Re: Step by Step how to...and VOIP provider

Postby TinaFranchi » Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:46 am

I don't think that any VOIP provider is giving unlimited voip to clients in the US but i got services from
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they are giving cheap rates on VOIP.
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