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Hosted OSDial Service

Postby fadmin » Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:52 am

OSDial is licensed under the Affero General Public License (AGPL) which does not allow providing OSDial over a network (which is specifically aimed at disallowing hosting software over a network, in this case OSDial). We learned from the Free Software Foundation that many people don't realize that point and often simply think of OpenSource as freeware, or miss the distinction with the AGPL.

FSF's approach is to try to enlighten the offenders and not file suit as the initial response, unlike the norm in the business world.

We subscribe to this approach of giving violators the benefit of a doubt, and not come out with clubs as soon as something is wrong. The US is a very litigious society where people are probably afraid of communicating with others, and as a result simply come out swinging where a simple chat could have resolved the situation.

Unfortunately, some people refuse to see the light as our growing list of law firms in various countries demonstrates. From a legal standpoint we have to defend the license. Fortunately it does allow us to resolve it amicably.

For those who wish to provide a hosted solution you have the option of acquiring a different license from us. It contains a clause where you will pay us a nominal fee based on how you bill your clients.

The telecom industry is a living example of billing problems, so much so, that there are companies living well entirely from verifying that the bill your phone company sent you, is accurate. They live on getting paid a percentage of the overbilling.

Realizing how messy it can get in a hurry when a hosting service charge their clients one way, and we billing them in turn a different way, we decided to cut the problem short by simply make our billing fit your billing. It ensures a fair cut where neither is penalized as market conditions change.

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